A three-day capacity building workshop was held for the staff of the safety department!

Tue, May 24 2022 2:22 PM
ورکشاپ  سه روزه ارتقای ظرفیت برای کارمندان ریاست محافظت ومصونیت

On Monday, 23rd of May 2022, the Afghan Red Crescent Society held a three-day capacity building workshop for the staff of the safety departmen. The workshop was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Khalid Hamid, deputy Secretary General for operational affairs, Mr. Zaheerullah Hamdard, director of safety department. The workshop was organized to build the capacity of 10 staff members of the Security and safety department by the financial and technical support of ICRC in HQ Office, during which the participants will be given three days training in the following areas.

(How to accept, ways of identification, information and awareness, manner of behavior, communication, safety and security, methods of presenting safety reports, series of security threat assessments, road safety, building and aid delivery group security and supervision). The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Ahmad Khalid Hamid, deputy secretary general for operational affairs.

Ahmad khalid welcoming the participants and said that this workshop is very important for the Afghan Red Crescent Society and I hope that you will make full use of the educational materials provided by the trainers.

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