Youth & Volunteers

Youth and volunteers:

The foundations of the Red Crescent have been laid in a spirit of volunteerism if we see the history of the Red Cross & Red Crescent volunteerism has contributed to the emergence of this global humanitarian movement young people and volunteers are the backbone of the Red Crescent  as the name shows these volunteers working in the event of disaster without any discrimination or for profit, and play an important role in the service of the national society, which currently Red Crescent in all over the country have thousands of volunteers on the scale.

In addition, the volunteer unit aims to increase the activities of youth and volunteers by conducting educational programs for the healthy education of the youth in the schools of the country and in various fields such as the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, establishing a volunteer system, Health education,

Respect for human values, encouragement of youth in sports, abstinence from drug use, strengthening the spirit of peace, better relations between different ethnic groups of the country, educational courses and arts programs and other activities that are useful and effective for youth conducted in schools across the country. Red Crescent youth and volunteers are trained to provide humanitarian assistance in response to natural and man-made disasters, along with disaster response groups and staff. Particularly in the volatile provinces of the country, it is responsible for exchanging dead and wounded people between the warring parties, who have so far exchanged hundreds of wounded and dead.

1-Sports and Physical Education Committee:

The Sports and Physical Education Committee operates under the Department of Youth and Volunteers. The teams of the committee are made up of male and female athletes who practice volleyball, ping pong and karate. The Red Crescent players is trained at different times by a professional trainer in a sports gymnasium. The purpose of this committee is to acquaint the people with the humanitarian principles of the Red Crescent, which is carried out through sports. The Red Crescent volleyball team is one of the most famous teams in the country, having participated in tournaments organized by the Olympic committee for many years, winning first, second place in the Games and winning championship trophies. Named the Red Crescent. The Red Crescent sports teams are made up of boys and girls. The female and male players of the Red Crescent ping pong team are the children of Kabul Marastoon who have won medals after participating in various competitions.

2- Volunteer Clubs:

The Afghan Red Crescent Society has provided free educational clubs to headless children's in its 28 provincial offices, in which students are learning school subjects by volunteer teachers to enhance their education.

Membership system:

The membership system in the structure of the National Society, through which thousands of our compatriots have honorary membership of the Red Crescent at the center and in the provinces, allows members to volunteer their services or pay the membership fee or cash and extraordinary grants the volunteers play an active role in consolidation.

On the other hand, the countries of the world have a system of membership of the Red Crescent and the Red Cross, which are considered as supporters of

The humanitarian services of the Red Crescent. Because of the value of this system, the Red Crescent leadership wants to support this system. As a result, support for the system has led thousands of citizens across the country to become members of the Red Crescent. According to the rules, the members pay the membership fee of 10 AFN per month and the membership fee of 20 AFN once a month to the treasurer of the group the treasurer of the group electively selected.

3- Blood donation:

Afghan Red Crescent volunteers voluntarily participate in a blood collection campaign each year and celebrate International blood donation Day by voluntarily donating their blood to headless patients who need it. Of course, participation in such large gatherings takes place in coordination with the Ministry of Health and health centers at the Red Crescent Center and its agencies, which have so far donated thousands of bags of blood to needy and headless patients.

4- Human values:

The Afghan Red Crescent Society has developed a humanitarian program to support the humanitarian spirit, which is able to spread human values ​​among the people and thereby revitalize the spirit of brotherhood in the society.

Such programs are conducted in mosques, educational institutions, communities, workshops and seminars, and offer people the themes of tolerance, mutual respect, assistance and compassion, sharing in each other's sorrows and joys to strengthen the humanitarian foundation in society and to further strengthen the humanitarian sector. Such activities can be helpful in dealing with unforeseen problems in a society.